Chinese version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' appeals to local viewers

By Xu Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-08-22 13:33:15

Chinese version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' appeals to local viewers

Actress Shu Qi in My Best Friend's Wedding. [Photo/Mtime]

The Chinese remake of 1997 American romance comedy My Best Friend's Wedding has been open to the Chinese mainland theaters since Aug 5.

With the same title, the Chinese version lead stars Shu Qi, who plays Julia Roberts' role, and Feng Shaofeng, playing the Chinese counterpart of Dermot Mulroney.

Actress Song Qian takes the bride's role once starred by Cameron Diaz. Another significant role, once starred by Rupert Everett, is played by Chinese-British actor Rhydian Vaughan in the Chinese remake.

Mainly shot in Italy's Milan and London, the story re-creates the old version in a Chinese way. A fashion magazine's managing editor finds her best friend engaged, realizing the latter is her true love and determines to grab him from his bride-to-be.

Chen Hongfei, the director, reveals the biggest difference lies in the culture.

"Chinese women react quite different from their Western counterparts in dealing with affairs. They are usually more contained and shy to speak out," says Chen. "We hope it can resonate with local viewers."

Shu, hailed as a cinematic goddess, reveals she has been on a strict diet to meet the costume designer's demand.


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