Beijing Design Week continues

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Beijing Design Week continues

In its 6th year, Beijing Design Week is embracing this movement at the Millennium Monument with architects' visions for a sustainable city life. [Photo/]

The modern city, with its arrays of skyscrapers, vistas of glass and steel, and commuting masses, can be a dehumanising experience. But some architects are determined to reimagine the city as a cradle of connection, a haven of tranquility, an oasis of fulfilment. Now in its 6th year, Beijing Design Week is embracing this movement at the Millennium Monument with architects' visions for a sustainable city life.

Designers and architects are offering an innovative future for city dwellers. And it goes far beyond bricks and mortar, even into other realms of artistic expression such as sculpture, photography, and painting.

Hence the title, "Beyond Architecture", which brings together the visions of more than a hundred Chinese and foreign architects.

Ye Cheng, curator of "Beyond Architecture" said:"These exhibits are by architects displaying their talents other than architecture. So it embraces a variety of designs, and establishes a platform for young architects to fully showcase their creative abilities."

Before coming to Beijing, "Beyond Architecture" toured major cities around China and in Europe, including Shanghai, Chengdu, London, and Venice.

Alongside it is another like-minded exhibition. The brainchild of Urban Environment Design magazine, 'One Magazine, 10 Years, 100 Architects' showcases achievements in urban construction in China over the past ten years and highlights the importance of creating a sustainable environment for all.

"A city is a complicated organism associated with its own memories, its own texture, its own past and future. When architects put their creations in the city, it will be changed in a way. Is it a good change or not? Will it bring benefit to the locals or not? This needs to be examined. We say 'Design for the City', which stresses the fundamental task for architects. The city belongs not only to the mayor, but also the general public. To build a better place calls for the participation of everyone," said Peng Lixiao, Chief Editor of Urban Environment Design.

And when a city is developing at astonishing speed, such as Beijing, the architect's job is especially challenging.

Christian de Portzamparc, the architect said:"Imported cars and highways. This is something we have to think about and to know how we can contribute to the citizens and make sure their staying is good, the circulation is ok - because all over the world, the big metropolitans are creating crisis and problems. We have to understand that the future is probably not only about having a car, going to the supermarket, having an apartment that is far from the center. This is probably not an ideal program."

The exhibitions acknowledge that architecture has a role to play not only in changing the appearance and character of a city but in determining its people's way of life. They raise the question of how to live in harmony while accommodating rapid urbanization. This is an idea to which the profession, its clients, and its consumers, are waking up.


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