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China among the top 10 beautiful countries

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-12-21 13:43 Comments

China among the top 10 beautiful countries

The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour, America. [File photo]

The Global Beautiful Countries Development Report 2015 was issued on Dec 20 at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and ranks China 10th among 185 listed countries.

According to the report, America tops all other countries valued by a comprehensive index that involves 39 aspects such as ecology, economy, politics and society, etc. Following America come Germany and France. The three scored 73.16, 65.31 and 63.19 points out of 100 respectively.

"Wealth should not be the only index to evaluate a country's development path, and economic output should not be the only aim of development," said Dr Li Shidong, who headed the study.

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