Disney to make live action Mulan movie

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Disney to make live action <EM>Mulan</EM> movie

Poster for film Mulan. [Photo/]

Disney announced plans to develop a live-action version of their animated film Mulan, after the recent success of Cinderella at the box office.

As one of the Disney films that feature a non-white princess, the possible casting choices has sparked discussion among fans in China and the US alike.

US-based news aggregator has handpicked their dream cast for the film. Constance Wu for the titular Mulan, Godfrey Gao for General Li Shang, Russell Wong for Fa Zhou (Mulan's father), Wen Ming-na for Fa Li (Mulan's mother), Benedict Wong for Shan Yu, Tzi Ma for the emperor and Jackie Chan, for the "sassiest role", the dragon Mushu.

But, like all things on the Internet,a consensus could not be reached regarding the picks.

Most American fans disagree with Jackie Chan playing Mushu, who was voiced by Eddie Murphy in the animated Mulan.

"I love Jackie Chan buuuuuut Mushu needs to stay voiced by Eddie Murphy. We grew up with his voice being Mushu so anything different wouldn't be as good," writes Internet user Liz Garcia under an article on the subject published on Buzzfeed.

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