Culture Insider: Rare porcelains with high prices

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As the birth place of porcelain, China has created many porcelain treasures in its thousands of years of history.

This April a doucai "chicken cup" from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) fetched 222 million yuan ($36 million), stunning many outsiders. In fact it's not the most expensive porcelain ever auctioned. There are several other pieces that were auctioned at surprisingly higher prices.

Here we list a few "extremely expensive" pieces of porcelain, all of which were auctioned at for over 100 million yuan.

Blue and white Yuan porcelain Guiguzi down

Price: 230 million yuan

Date: July 12, 2005

Auction house: London Christies

The price equaled two tons of gold that day, setting a record for Chinese artwork auctioned in international auctions. The painting on the pot depicts China’s ancient militarist Guiguzi riding in a carriage pulled by a tiger and a leopard down a mountain to save his student Sun Bin, who was trapped by enemies.

Culture Insider: Rare porcelains with high prices
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