HK thriller 'Overheard' to get English remake

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HK thriller 'Overheard' to get English remake

Poster of the hit Hong Kong crime thriller "Overheard 3." [Photo/Agencies]

Chinese surveillance thriller "Overheard" is getting an English-language remake.

China's Bona Film Group is teaming up with ex-Warner Brother's head Jeff Robinov's new venture, Studio 8, for the production.

Robinov was head of Warner Brothers when the film studio produced "The Departed," a US remake of the 2002 hit Hong Kong police drama, "Infernal Affairs."

Writers Alan Mak and Felix Chong, two of the three minds behind "Infernal Affairs," penned the script for "Overheard."

The surveillance drama follows a Hong Kong commercial crime task force that eavesdrops on a publicly-traded company and uncovers a complex web involving murder and police corruption.

The movie's success when it opened in 2009 led to two sequels, with "Overheard 3" coming out this past summer.

Bona executive Jeffrey Chan says that the companies are seeking a screenwriter that can best capture their vision for the project.

The English-language remake of "Overheard" is expected to be finished in 2017.


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