Five key concepts for you to better understand Interstellar

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Five key concepts for you to better understand Interstellar

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Interstellar has been a big hit since its release in China on Nov 12, 2014. Like a violent gust of wind, the film has swept every corner of China, as people everywhere are heatedly debate conceptions like space travel, worm holes and five-dimensional space that the director Christopher Nolan has conveyed. No other movie had ever succeeded in creating such a mass science fiction hit like Interstellar, nor did last year's blockbuster, Gravity, manage to do that.

Nolan's film is inclined to puzzle the audience. Just like his previous film, Inception, it's quite difficult for audiences to understand what messages the director is really conveying. This time, Interstellar is no exception. It remains as a puzzle for many audiences even after seeing the movie. With the famous astrophysicist Kip Thorne as one member of the creative team, the film is based on solid scientific theory foundation, but is unfortunately too obscure and abstract for common people to understand.

Here we list five keywords that you must learn for you to better enjoy the film.

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an epigram that is typically stated as: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. In a broader prospect, it can be understood as that whatever can happen, will happen. In the film, Murphy is the name of character Cooper’s daughter. Somehow, it implies that the girl is doomed to solve the equation of gravity and rescue the human race.

"Lazarus" mission

According to the Bible story, Lazarus was a friend of Jesus Christ. The man died from an illness, but Jesus raised him from the dead. In the film, the "Lazarus" mission was a NASA project to save humanity. It sends spaceships into a wormhole in hope of finding a habitable planet for mankind. Upon hearing the name for the mission, Cooper asks another character, Professor Brand, "Why Lazarus?" He replies,"Lazarus came back from the dead." On that, Cooper jests, "Yes, but he had to die first."

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