Converted 3D movie for Chinese market comes under question

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2014-04-07 13:33:11

Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp, is questioned for "robbing money" with converted 3D version to be exclusively shown in China on April 18.

The sci-fi thriller will come out in theatres in the same day in the United States, only in 2D and Imax versions.

It is hard to tell whether Chinese audiences have a privilege over their foreign counterparts since Transcendence and another of its kind, RoboCop, are released in the 3D version only in China, said Yangcheng Evening News on Saturday.

As China, the second largest movie market, is enjoying better than ever market status featuring simultaneous release and superstar promotion tours, some industry insiders raise doubts on such specifically converted 3D movies.

Movies shown in 3D version generate one third more in box office than those in 2D version, due to higher ticket prices, a report quotes a movie theater manager as saying.

Some industry insiders say converted 3D movies are pushed merely to make more money than creating better experiences for moviegoers.

Chinese audiences largely hold 3D scenes are must-have elements in blockbusters, said Cui Xiaoyu with Beijing-based Cubic Pictures which undertook RoboCop's 3D conversion project in China.

RoboCop, which notched up 329 million yuan (US dollars 52.9 million) in China, or 20 percent of the total box office, is believed to have benefitted from its converted 3D version.

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