Batches of bachelors

By Tiffany Tan ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-02-09 09:12:39

Batches of bachelors

Batches of bachelors
Leftover women or an unappreciated feast?
Batches of bachelors
The truth is out there somewhere
While the 'leftover women' phenomenon has been perhaps overstated, the rarely discussed reality of the 'missing women' means there are actually far more 'leftover men' - many of whom would be considered catches. Tiffany Tan reports.

Lu Yan traveled back to Jilin province this Spring Festival as he always has - alone.

The 35-year-old wishes he could finally bring home a wife and kids, like all his closest friends do. But he remains single and searching.

The account manager with a multinational software company owns a car and has an apartment in his hometown. And he receives a salary that's "among the highest in my field".

He's also studying toward a master's degree in business administration.

Lu is considered a catch in a country where a house, a car and cash reserves are hallmarks of a desirable groom.

He lives in Beijing, where there are hundreds of thousands of equally single women.

So, why's he still single?


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