Celebrating Thanksgiving in China

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As a typical western festival, Thanksgiving is not really celebrated in China. However, it is a perfect opportunity to show appreciation to clients, colleagues and friends, as most people prefer to spend the traditional Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival or Mid-Autumn Day with their families.

Here are just a few suggestions.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in China

1. Clients

Write a thank you card by hand. People don't really care about regular presents worth 10 yuan or 20 yuan. It's a matter of sincerity, so don't just randomly pick up something from the company storage for the receptionist to mail. If you think it is necessary to give your clients presents, choose what they like. Giving a Los Angeles Lakers fan a Miami Heat souvenir is not a good idea.

2. Colleagues

Thank those who have helped you out of difficulties, and don't forget to thank those who created difficulties for you. Without the latter process, one can hardly make progress. Time, energy, everything you spend to conquer difficulties will come with their own rewards. Just saying thank you will surprise most people in China, so little presents are necessary. Practical things like notebooks, pens and cups always make good presents.

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