Eat, play, laugh

By Zhang Kun ( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-10-27 07:36:24

Audience participation is welcome in China's 'first 5-D musical comedy' with bite, as Zhang Kun reports in Shanghai.

It's a new theater, new show and new rules. You are not only allowed to "consume food and beverages" during the show but are encouraged to do so.

Actors actually hand out food and invite audiences to the stage to eat during the new musical production Feast of the Princess.

Eat, play, laugh

The musical Feast of the Princess tells the story of a king selecting a husband for the princess via a culinary competition. Photos provided to China Daily

Eat, play, laugh

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The theater ET Space, revamped from a historical establishment in downtown Shanghai, has opened a small food market in the lobby especially for the opening of Feast.

"We are China's first 5-D musical comedy," says Tian Yuan, general manager of United Asia Live Entertainment Co Ltd, producer of the play.

"Usually we experience a theater show by seeing and listening, but you will be able to smell, touch and taste Feast of the Princess," Tian says.

UAE is a Sino-South Korean joint venture. In the past three years it made Chinese productions of several famous Broadway musicals, such as Mamma Mia! and Cats.

"We think it's time we create an original Chinese show," Tian says.

Inspired by the documentary TV series A Bite of China, director Liu Chun decided to work on the theme of Chinese cuisine.

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