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Tibetan New Year 2011

Updated: 2011-02-25 15:19
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Celebration News

Tibetan New Year 2011Tibetans start celebrations
Firecrackers and prayer flags, Tibetan and Mandarin Chinese food, Buddhist rituals, singing and dancing - together all indicate that Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is just around the corner. [More

Tibetan New Year 2011Needy people receive living allowances
A total of 31.68-million-yuan living allowances allocated to all the low-income families. [More]

Tibetan New Year 2011Tibetan Losar Gala
This year's Losar Gala is expected to impress audiences with tailored programs and well-designed lighting effects. [More]

Tibetan New Year 2011Streets cleaning for Tibetan Losar
Lhasa conducted a regular street cleaning to ensure a clean environment for the festival. [More]


Tibetan New Year 2011 


Tibetan New Year 2011
Tibetan New Year prep

Tibetan New Year 2011
The Potala Palace's secret

Tibetan New Year 2011
Artists paint thangka's future

Tibetan New Year 2011 

Central government's policies benefit Tibet 


Two-digit GDP growth for 18 consecutive years

The Tibet autonomous region has reported two-digit GDP growth for 18 consecutive years, with last year's growth rate estimated at 12.2 percent year-on-year.


Fiscal budget and expenditure to hit 300 b

The fiscal revenue of Tibet autonomous region during the 12th Five Year Plan Period (2011-2016) is expected to be 28 billion yuan with average annual growth of 15%.



3,331 more rural libraries built in 2011

The Tibet autonomous region will build 3,331 more rural village libraries in 2011, with a 30,000-yuan fund for each, according to news from the regional press and publication sector.


100m yuan for cultural relics preservation

"Of all the relics renovation fund, about 10.59 million yuan was paid to workers involved in the maintenance projects, mostly local farmers and herders, while 57.92 million yuan more was used to purchase raw materials locally."


Children of farmers to enjoy free education

Starting on Jan 1, 2011, children of farmers and herdsmen in Tibet began enjoying the "three guarantees" policy, a preferential policy the central government has granted to Tibet.


1b yuan on educational digitalization

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the regional Education Department planned to invest up to 1 billion yuan in providing digital facilities for schools at all levels across southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.



700,000 yuan earmarked for legal aid

The Ministry of Finance allocated a special fund for legal aid totaling 700,000 yuan to assist Tibetan people in legal affairs.


First free cyber bar opens in Tibet

The cyber bar is dedicated to providing free service for local residents to get information about farming and grazing techniques, as well as to learn skills in the use of internet other than for commercial purposes.


Tibet power grid to link with national network in 2012

A multi-billion dollar project to connect the power grid in Tibet to the one in the rest of China will be completed by 2012, ensuring a steady supply of electricity to the plateau region.


Tibet continues financial support for traditional Tibetan medicine

The government of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has earmarked 10 million yuan (1.5 million U.S. dollars) per year for the next five years to support traditional Tibetan medicine. 


World's highest railway to be completed by 2015

An extension of the world's highest railway from Tibet's capital Lhasa to its second largest city, Xigaze, will be completed by 2015, as one of the plateau region's key construction projects during the 2011-2015 period.


Tibetan antelope population hits 200,000

Tibet tightened supervision and patrols of antelope habitats in 1998. The population of Tibetan antelopes, once a critically-endangered species, has risen to 200,000 in Tibet.


Poverty-stricken population nearly halved

At the end of last year, Tibet had 502,000 people in absolute poverty, down from 964,000 reported in 2005, said a statement from the poverty relief office in Tibet's capital Lhasa.



Rural pension system extended to 2 million Tibetan farmers, herdsmen

The government-subsidized scheme, which began in November 2009 in seven of Tibet's counties, cities and districts, had been extended to all 73 counties, cities and districts by November 2010.



Potala Palace receives 4 mln tourists over past five years

Tibet's architectural gem, the Potala Palace, saw 4.04 million tourists and believers in Buddhism over the past five years.


Non-public sector

Tibet reports fast growth in non-public sector of economy

The non-public sector now commands 40.6 percent of Tibet's gross domestic product (GDP) and has become an important constituent of the local economy


Tibetan New Year 2011
About Tibeten New Year Tibetan Songs
Known as Losar, the Tibetan New Year is the most popular festival in Tibet. In ancient times when the peach tree was in blossom, it was considered as the starting of a new year.
Tibetan New Year 2011 New Year activities
Specially made offerings are presented at family shrines; doors are painted with religious symbols; residences are cleaned and milk curd is mixed with barley flour to make curd-pastries. On New Year's Eve, Tibetan families eat "Guthuk," a soup with dumplings.
Tibetan New Year 2011 
The Story of Losar
Tibetan New Year 2011 Tibetan New Year in different areas
Tibetan New Year 2011
Tibetan dancers celebrate the upcoming Losar in Beijing on Feb 26, 2011.

1 The Tibetan Fragrance
2 The Tibetan Flower in My Heart
3 The Sacred Land
4 Tibetan Folk Song
5 The Beautiful Land
6 The Valley

Tibetan New Year 2011

Tibetan New Year 2011

Photo Gallery 


Tibetan New Year 2011
Jubilant Tibetans embrace New Year
Tibetan New Year 2011
Special market opened
Tibetan New Year 2011
Snapshots of 2011 Tibetan Losar Gala

Tibetan New Year 2011
Tibetans prepare to celebrate New Year
Tibetan New Year 2011
Busy market in Lhasa