First free cyber bar opens in Tibet

(China Tibet Online)
Updated: 2011-02-25 18:09
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The first public "green cyber bar" in Tibet autonomous region was recently opened in Dargye Village, Taktse of Nyingchi Prefecture. It has quickly become a hot topic among neighboring villages.

"This is today's Tibet Daily, now we can read it on the Internet!" said Pasang and Droma, villagers of Dargye when they saw the e-version newspaper online.

The newly opened cyber bar offers free public service to local farmers and herders who are encouraged to experience the "information highway" at zero distance.

First free cyber bar opens in Tibet
Local farmers and herders are encouraged to experience the "information highway." [Photo/Chinatibetnews]

The cyber bar is dedicated to providing free service for local residents to get information about farming and grazing techniques, as well as to learn skills in the use of internet other than for commercial purposes.

"We have 4 computers here, and 4 county administrator staff are in charge of daily management and maintenance. Besides, the technical staff also teach computer skills," said Doji, village official of Dargye Village and one of the four administrators.

"The bar simply gives a good platform for updated market information. Now we will be able to catch up with the latest information easily," said Tamdrin, secretary of the Party Committee of Dargye Village.

First free cyber bar opens in Tibet
Local farmers and herders are encouraged to experience the "information highway"[Photo/Chinatibetnews]

"As more farmers begin to grow vegetables or raise livestock for trade, they are eager to know more about the market. Now the bar will be able to help them just at the door of their homes," said Doji.

In 2009, 3,000 sets of computers were granted to southwest China's Tibet by the Central Party Committee, and another 1,500 sets were given in 2010. This year, the regional government will build up more cyber bars in agricultural and pastoral areas across the region.

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