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  • Big question: Where will William, Kate honeymoon?

    2011-04-30 17:51

    Britain's Prince William and his new bride reveal their honeymoon destination on Saturday, after millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the couple tie the knot in a dazzling display of royal pageantry.

  • Diana's absence will be felt

    2011-04-28 17:23

    Elton John was last at Westminster Abbey 14 years ago when he sang the haunting "Candle in the Wind" at the funeral of his friend Princess Diana.

  • In pictures: Old photos of Prince William

    2011-04-28 17:26

    File photo of Prince William and his father Prince Charles, mother Princess Diana and younger brother Prince Harry.

  • Wanna marry a prince? 7 steps to find your royal

    2011-04-28 13:31

    Well forget kissing frogs and try playing tennis or putting your party shoes on. Social network site Badoo ( has come up with the "Seven Golden Rules" on how to find a prince, after conducting a study of 107 royal romances since World War II.

  • Will Kate be the next fashion icon?

    2011-04-28 18:02

    You may be tired of reading about one-angle reports about the bride-to-be, and China Daily website presents a Fashion in politics review, just in time for the royal wedding.  To start, let's look at Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

  • Britain's royals are now celebrities

    2011-04-26 12:05

    Poor Kate Middleton. She's not just marrying a future king. She's marrying all of us. Once upon a time, British subjects gazed upon their sovereigns from afar. Not any more.

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