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Traditional wedding a huge draw

( Updated: 2014-12-29 12:00
Thousands turn out to watch a traditional marriage ceremony, dog is more than just a best friend, hippo is twice unlucky, thief lands in trouble, brazen life of suspects.

Traditional wedding a huge draw

The groom, sitting on a horse, leads his bride in the bridal sedan among the throng of onlookers. [Photo/IC]

Traditional wedding brings in 30,000 lookers

Suona horns and iron drums resounding, the groom dressed all in red and riding on a horse. The scene from a traditional Chinese wedding in Lanxi city of Zhejiang province on Saturday attracted 30,000 onlookers and nearly paralyzed the traffic.

The marriage took place in a rural family, and the newlyweds went through every vintage wedding procedures, including the bride sitting in the bridal sedan and worshipping Heaven and Earth, a ritual marking their tying of the knot. The event was such an eye-catcher that police cars had to be deployed to get the crowd moving.

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Traditional wedding a huge draw

More than 30,000 turned up to watch the traditional wedding ceremony in Lanxi city. [Photo/IC]

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