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Running wild

The rare milu deer are growing in number, but a battle for space may threaten the future of this fascinating animal.

Rare bird finds sanctuary

Intertidal mudflats in Jiangsu province are one of the last resting places for migratory shorebirds.

Going nuts

The branding of Mount Kuaiji's ancient Chinese torreya nuts has brought fame and fortune to the local community. But the new class of entrepreneurs may maintain a delicate balance with nature.

'Kingdom of Bicycles' rises again

China is again switching gears as the once-ubiquitous bike is making a comeback because private car ownership clogs the transport grid.

The green workplace

Her position is still unique in a society that is just waking up to the value of being eco-friendly.

Searching for a song

When Chen Liang was offered a chance to trek through a beautiful stretch of forest to listen to the song of the endangered western black-crested gibbon, he jumped at the chance.

Bleat of the hybrid ushers in new era

Transfer technology is producing a type of sheep that flourishes in the harsh conditions of Qinglong county, Guizhou province, while lifting many local farmers out of poverty.

Sticking up for sustainability

Liyuan Library integrates architecture into the natural landscape using traditional Chinese architectural concepts.

New grape rewards

A vineyard is greening Inner Mongolia's desert while producing high-quality wines. It looks like a mirage.

Digging deep to discover beauty

An abandoned quarry in Shanghai has been transformed into an award-winning park that celebrates its industrial past.Trading places

Pastures are now alive

Thirty years ago, this was a barren wasteland. Now, Dushan county is a provincial promoter of pasture technologies.

Seeds of hope

Ancient millet varieties from an arid swathe of Inner Mongolia could provide food security as growing water shortages threaten agriculture globally.

Saving urban water

It is a new city on the Chinese landscape, and it had its share of teething problems in its rapid evolution from farmland community to industrial hub.

Big problems in smallest room

In the rural areas of China, basic hygiene facilities are changing. Where a hole in the ground used to be the norm, there is now an eco revolution going on.