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China Fashion Week 2013 A/W

2013-03-26 14:44

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China Fashion Week 2013 A/W

Models walk the catwalk wearing the latest creations during China Fashion Week in Beijing on March 25, 2013. China Fashion Week 2013 (autumn/winter) opened in Beijing's D-Park on Sunday. The biggest fashion event in the country is also becoming an industry international date since its founding in 1997. [Photo/Asianewsphoto]



China Fashion Week 2013 A/W

China Fashion Week 2013 A/W

Sao Paulo Fashion Week  The 2013 BIFT Fashion Week 

First lady sparks frenzy over domestic fashion brands

The moment when China's first lady Peng Liyuan made her diplomatic debut upon her arrival at Moscow on Friday - wearing a dark navy overcoat, a light turquoise silk scarf with a matching handbag - the Chinese fashion industry got a boost. More...

China Fashion Week gaining international reputation

China Fashion Week 2013 (autumn/winter) opened in Beijing's D-Park on Sunday with a show from Italian luxury leather label Gherardini following another one from Chinese independent fashion designer Wang Peiyi. More...

Designer savors acclaim from European debut

Though winter isn't usually a fruitful season, the past winter brought a bountiful harvest to Macao-born designer Gideon Tam. More...

Feted abroad, ignored at home

While Wang Peiyi's designs are attracting plenty of attention in Europe, back home in China not many people have even heard of him. More...

Young designers seek boost abroad

Chinese faces bloom in fashion

Chinese fashion designers need to connect to international customers

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