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HK, Philippines reach deal in hijacking row

[2014-04-24 02:31]

Hong Kong has revoked sanctions against the Philippines after both sides reach agreement over a diplomatic row concerning a tour bus hijacking.

Video reveals true picture of Hong Kong incident

[2014-04-23 13:58]

Video released on Internet contradicts journalist's original account of the incident in which a mainland couple was arrested in Hong Kong after allowing their child to urinate in public.

Hong Kong CE meets US Congressional delegation

[2014-04-22 21:04]

Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung on Tuesday met with a visiting U.S. Congressional delegation at the Chief Executive's Office this afternoon to exchange views on issues of mutual concern.

Hong Kong financial secretary to attend Beijing forum

[2014-04-22 18:25]

Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government John Tsang will attend the Fourth Economic and Financial Forum in Beijing on Friday, the city's government news website said Tuesday.

Taiwan will not reopen service pact talks

[2014-04-17 20:21]

Taiwan's mainland affairs office has said it will not renegotiate its signed service trade pact with the mainland, despite Taiwanese students' protests on the matter.

Mainland hopes for implementation of cross-Straits service trade pact

[2014-04-17 16:41]

A Chinese mainland official on Thursday expressed hope that the cross-Straits service trade pact will come into effect at an early date so that it can benefit people on both sides.

'Mainland, Taiwan won't let protests hurt ties'

[2014-04-17 02:49]

Chinese mainland authorities firmly oppose the "Taiwan independence" forces' attempt to legitimatize separatism under the guise of supervising a cross-Straits pact, a spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office said.

Taiwan, mainland police break drug smuggling case

[2014-04-16 21:41]

Police from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have joined hands in an anti-drug campaign, resulting in the seizure of 18 kg of amphetamine and the arrest of three suspects.

Mainland leader welcomes Taiwan trade unions in co-op

[2014-04-16 20:19]

Top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng Wednesday welcomed Taiwan trade unions to play a constructive role in cross-Straits exchanges and economic cooperation.

Cross-Straits economic cooperation helpful to Taiwan

[2014-04-16 20:08]

Cross-Straits cooperation and economic integration will create better conditions for Taiwan to participate in the regional economy, a mainland spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Mainland open to cross-Straits leaders summit: spokeswoman

[2014-04-16 16:36]

The Chinese mainland remains positive and open about a possible meeting between leaders from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, a mainland spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Cross-Straits peaceful development should be cherished

[2014-04-16 14:13]

A mainland spokeswoman has said that the hard-earned peaceful development of cross-Straits relations has benefited compatriots from both sides and should be cherished.

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