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Taiwan, mainland police break drug smuggling case

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-16 21:41

TAIPEI - Police from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have joined hands in an anti-drug campaign, resulting in the seizure of 18 kg of amphetamine and the arrest of three suspects.

Taiwan police said Wednesday they launched the cross-Straits cooperation after seizing six kg of amphetamine from machinery shipped from Shenzhen City on the mainland in March. The goods were waiting at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to be transferred to a third destination.

Police in Taiwan and the mainland seized another six kg of the drug on April 11 and again on April 14, after the gang attempted to sneak the drugs abroad by using Taiwan as a transit point.

Mainland police arrested two Taiwanese suspects and one from the mainland.

The seized drugs were worth nearly 100 million NTD (3.3 mln U.S. dollars), according to Taiwan police.

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