by Tess Humphrys


Getting my first hair cut in Ningbo

One of the potentially most traumatic things a girl has to go through is finding a new hairdresser.

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By Benjamin Cohen

An American in the Middle Kingdom

After graduating from the University of Florida in May of 2009, I was presented with a multitude of choices regarding the next stage in my life.

By Abdullah Al Mamun

A journey through China and a few lessons

China has a long history of over 5000 years. Bangladesh is a populous country like China with 150 million populations. The demographic harmony is the greatest strength of ours as prevails in China. Bangladesh enjoys of having big force-masses which can be turned into manpower.

By Charles Davidson

My friendship with a Chinese artist

As far back as 1965 I have collect paintings which I considered fine works of art. Like a painter I was learning the difference between what looks a two star and what was a five star.

By Hema Kripalani

Oh! My God, I am in China

After spending many good years in Singapore, two years back I got an opportunity to come to China.Leaving the answer for future to unleash, I wholeheartedly started the preparation to come to China.

By Muhammad Arif

China: Harmony between traditions and modernization

China, especially for me, is a new world full of many wonders in art and culture, science and technology, education and economy.

By Clair Lasater

Five China sojourn anecdotes

In Wuhan, I accepted an offer to help plant trees for China. I thoroughly enjoyed the green labor.