by Tess Humphrys


Getting my first hair cut in Ningbo

One of the potentially most traumatic things a girl has to go through is finding a new hairdresser.

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By Lim Chiow Ang

Life outside hutong

Since uprooting myself from a sentimental hutong inside the Second Ring Road to the outlying outer east Fifth Ring Road early this year, I am still in the process of acquainting myself with the new surroundings.

By Curtis Orio

An American panda

Back home, China's national symbol was often a zoo's most popular attraction. Now the situation was reversed. In Nanning I've become a walking, talking, American Panda.

By Danielle Jadusingh

A lesson on teaching in China

Going to another country to teach is an enriching and challenging experience. But what can make or break the deal is the school or the organization that you go with.

By Alan Millett

Marrying in China

Monday 8th February 2010 or should I say to use Chinese date format, 2010 February 8th had been preceded by much bureaucratic to-ing and fro-ing.

By Brian Salter

Clash of cultures at the dinner table

Travelers the world over discover pretty early on how easy it is to offend their national hosts by their ignorance of local customs.

By John Lombard

Witness the changes of China

For me, China today is a truly amazing place. I've seen where China's come from, and for all the problems and difficulties that still exist today, it never ceases to amaze me not only how much China has changed, but how quickly that change has taken place.