by Tess Humphrys


Getting my first hair cut in Ningbo

One of the potentially most traumatic things a girl has to go through is finding a new hairdresser.

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By Brant Goble

Little Girls, a Big Puppy, and My Appalling Chinese

"Morning, ladies!" I smile as I say it, trying to unbutton one of the several coats I am wearing to shield me from the icebox cold of the classroom in which I am standing. The students collectively let out a giggle.

By Elizabeth Watt

An Australian Shanghaied in Shanghai

Like many suffering from professional inexperience and itchy feet, my first trip to China began with a Google search: 'ESL jobs abroad'.

By Sheila Rodriguez

China: My Home in Asia

My journey to this so called "Sleeping Giant" started when I signed a contract to work in the Chinese mainland. Knowing that I will be working and staying in China for years gives me a glimpse of thrill on what life is, inside China.

By Sriparna Pathak

I love Zhongguo

I often heard that destiny plays an important role in one's life. Never did I believe it till "China" happened to me, and my lifelong relationship with the country began.

By Raúl Estrada

Trip teaches me to avoid stereotypes

This might not be the best time of the year to visit Inner Mongolia and its famous grasslands but since I had a week ahead not having to go to work, I decided to go there, have a look and eat some yangrou (mutton).

By Fernando Bensuaski

Digging a tunnel to China

My journey to China started when I was a kid, living with my sister and our parents in a very small house in a short, dead-end street containing a total of nine row-houses.