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China Daily celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding at the Great Hall of the People, May 31, 2011.

Liu Yunshan, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the CPC Central Committee's Publicity Department, delivers a speech.
Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office, delivers a speech at the ceremony.

China Daily marks 30th birthday

China's English language newspaper China Daily celebrated its 30th birthday in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday.

About China Daily
China Daily is China's national English-language newspaper, which was founded in 1981 and today has a circulation more than 500,000 worldwide.

For readers at home and abroad, China Daily is a popular choice among English-language media in China. It is the only Chinese newspaper that has effectively entered Western mainstream society and is the newspaper most quoted by the foreign press. The paper also has published the largest number of supplements for international meetings in China among all media outlets.

Global readers recognize China Daily as the most authoritative and influential English-language media in the country. It serves as an important window for "China to understand the world and be understood by the world".

From the editor: Bringing you the news for 30 years

It's not often that the birth of a newspaper makes news around the world.

But China Daily did. And so it was on June 1, 1981 that the first edition rolled off the presses to the accompaniment of what seemed a global media drumbeat.

There was good reason: The steadily-growing stream of tourists, businessmen, consultants and "foreign experts" making their way to the country found themselves almost isolated from the outside world - and didn't know much of what was happening in the country, either.

In today's plugged-in world, it might be difficult to comprehend that news in English was then at such a premium.

China Daily Milestones

June 1, 1981: China Daily launched as an eight-page national English daily, also printed and distributed in Hong Kong.

June 1983: China Daily printed in the United States.

September 1986: China Daily printed in Europe.

1992: Launch of Reports from China, a bi-monthly eight-page publication distributed by the trade newspaper of the National Newspaper Association in US. It is later replaced by China Watch, which is distributed in North America and Europe.

1993: Launch of 21st Century English newspaper series, the most popular English education weekly for English learners in China. It has nine weekly publications for primary, middle school and university students and teachers, with a total circulation of more than 1 million.

1995: Launch of China Daily website, the first national English-language Webportal in China. The site has become China's most influential English-language website. It has more than 30 subsidiary websites and 300 channels under seven website clusters. Daily page views exceed 31 million, with about 60 percent of visitors from overseas.

Jan 2, 1995: China Daily expands from 8 pages to 12 pages, publishing from Monday to Saturday.

Oct 6, 1997: Launch of China Daily Hong Kong Edition.

Nov 15, 1999: China Daily uses color printing.

Jan 5, 2004: China Daily expands from 12 pages to 16 pages.

2005: China Daily becomes the "Exclusive English-Language Chinese Newspaper" of the Fortune Global Forum and publishes the official journal for the Beijing Fortune Global Forum.

Jan 4, 2007: China Daily expands from 16 pages to 24 pages.

China Economic Outlook series since 2007

The publication, which coincides with the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, is written and compiled by China Daily with advice and support from experts in various industries and professions.

"Grow with China" special edition series since 2007

The special edition coincides with the annual New Champions - World Economic Forum meeting, also known as the Summer Davos. "Grow with China" includes a selection of articles based on exclusive interviews with CEOs and presidents of multinational companies, along with their histories and strategies for growth in China.

Summer Davos Summit offi cial report since 2007

China Daily is China's exclusive English-language newspaper for the Summer Davos Summit. It publishes official reports through special daily supplements during the forum.

2008: China Daily Bilingual Mobile Newspaper launched as China's first bilingual mobile newspaper, including China Daily Mobile News (China Mobile version and China Telecom version) and China Daily PDF edition on China Unicom. With more than 600,000 paid subscribers, it is China's second-largest mobile newspaper.

Feb 23, 2009: Launch of China Daily US Edition, which publishes 16 pages from Monday to Friday. Its subscribers include the United Nations Headquarters, government agencies of the United States and Canada, universities, think tanks, major financial institutions and many multinational companies.

September 2009: China Daily releases its iPhone application at the App Store, becoming China's first print media to provide such a service at the App store.

March 1, 2010: China Daily implements the largest revamp of the paper since it was founded.

April 2010: China Daily's iPad application released at the App Store, the world's largest mobile application soft ware store.

Aug 1, 2010: China Daily Sunday Edition launched to realize the paper's goal of "Meeting Readers Every Day".

December 2010: China Daily's Android and Blackberry applications released.

Dec 3, 2010: Launch of China Daily European Weekly. It targets readers in governments, diplomatic missions, think tanks, multinational companies and other movers and shakers in Europe. The weekly also has a monthly journal published in the International Herald Tribune.

Dec 10, 2010: Launch of China Daily Asia Weekly. Its circulation covers India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It also reaches policy-makers and high-end readers through 20 other English-language newspapers under the Asia News Network.


Thirty Years of Coverage on Changing China
Economy and Trade

Trailblazers of reform

In the 1980s, when Li Zhongjian saw an expensive overseas-made cigarette lighter, he had the foresight to figure out how to make it in his home city of Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province. Li formed a company - something very rare in China then - to make the lighters, initially for the domestic market.

Society and Life

Going through the roof

Wang Yang, a 46-year-old college teacher, clearly remembers the time he lived in a small apartment in the university. Similar to the college dormitories of today, there was usually only one shared kitchen and a toilet on the same floor. Such buildings, mostly built in the 1950s and 1960s, aimed to address the housing needs of staff.

Culture Education and Sci-tech

The business of art

Lu Peng is widely considered a pioneer of the local art market, having published an art magazine, organized exhibitions and other projects - not all financially successful. In the 1980s, he established the Art and Market magazine, the first of its kind in China, and was its first editor-in-chief.

On track for high speed

Passenger turnover trails off the rails

It's not just the speed of the trains

China key railway projects timeline

The final frontier

Gazing at the stars

Photo Gallery

Staging a grand 30th birthday celebration

Tapping mobile market

A comprehensive network

Building high-level platforms

Studies of international media

Leading China's online media

Glorious journey

Robust growth

'King Content' principle

Eyeing overseas market

Building a professional team

A focus on 21st Century

We are a big family

China Daily headquarters

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