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  • Expo Pavilions

    2010-09-03 14:26

  • The Expo in miniature

    2010-09-03 08:18

    A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but some have found new ways to relive their Expo 2010 Shanghai experiences, test their creativity and discover new ways to reuse old materials - building models of Expo pavilions.

  • Expo faces

    2010-08-19 19:56

    The Shanghai Expo 2010 offers a platform for visitors from across the globe to appreciate and understand the rich cultural diversities on our shared planet as well as the latest scientific developments related to urban life.

  • Shanghai: The Paris of the East

    2010-06-11 09:42

    Since my first trip to Shanghai five years ago, I've thought a lot about the Expo 2010 Shanghai. From that time, I wanted to be a part of it. This event is important to me. For me, it is a large world gathering around the idea and model of universality.

  • Ten do's and dont's

    2010-05-01 07:56

    Expo 2010 Shanghai is enormous. Study maps to make your visit unforgettable. Otherwise you'll only return exhausted and empty-handed. Use travel information from newspapers and websites. Make a personal plan.

  • Rough guide to expo 2010

    2010-04-12 10:25

    Start your trip at the entrance on Yaohua Road at 8:30 am. Make a reservation at the China pavilion, then take a stroll down to Celebration Square along Expo Boulevard to watch the daily opening ceremony of the Expo site.

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