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  • Grand Guilin: Land of greatness

    2010-07-26 12:31

    Guilin, famed as "the finest scenery under heaven", is one of the regions you must visit in China.

  • Custom-made culture

    2010-09-03 13:47

    Xijiang's "drum people" say they march toward modernity to the rhythm of tradition. Most of the 6,000 residents of the world's largest Miao village in Guizhou province - known for the belief that their ancestors' souls dwell inside percussion instruments - say tourism has spared them from becoming migrant workers. Consequently, they can remain in the settlement and live according to local customs. "Many people who went to work in cities have been coming back," 35-year-old guesthouse owner Li Zhen says. "After living outside, we have a new awareness of the importance of our ethnic culture and of ways to preserve it."

  • Impression Lijiang

    2010-09-03 13:15

    The performance "Impression Lijiang" is staged near the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountains in Lijiang, a tourist resort in southwest China's Yunnan Province, May 24, 2010.

  • Tibet's best-kept secret

    2010-08-26 09:52

    Riding an early morning bus with a dozen Tibetans in Nedong county feels surreal.

  • Xinjiang: Playing on horse

    2010-07-22 14:02

    Equestrian endurance competition puts priority on welfare of animals.

  • Danxia: New world heritage site

    2010-09-03 13:50

    The UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to include the China Danxia Landform in the World Heritage List at its 34th meeting in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, on Sunday. The addition pushed the number of China's world heritage sites to 40, including 29 cultural heritage sites, seven natural sites and four cultural and natural heritage sites.

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