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  • A haven discovered in Hongluo Temple

    2010-09-05 20:50

    Clockwise from top: Hongluo Temple is a perfect getaway for anyone suffering from the pressures of the city; a stone bridge is dressed up in red satin; small locks line a handrail as symbols of everlasting love.

  • Houhai, smoking good place

    2010-09-05 20:42

    Houhai Lake, dotted with paddle boats and lit up by the luring lights of the bars and restaurants that surround it, can easily cause you to miss the Yandai Xiejie hutong, located north of the Yinding Bridge. Yandai Xiejie means "slanted tobacco pipe street" and that it is. The street, just less than 300m long, represents a pipe with the narrow alleys forming its "stem" and the western entrance giving it the look of the "bowl" of a tobacco pipe

  • Shopping new destination, SOLANA

    2010-09-05 20:39

    Buildings are illuminated with colorful lights during a test for a lighting festival themed “Earth, Peace & Prosperity” inside Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park in Chaoyang district, Beijing, December 8, 2009.

  • Sanlitun,Tongli night life

    2010-09-05 20:20

    There is good reason to head to Tongli Studio this summer, besides the nightclubs White Rabbit and Kokomo, now that a new fusion restaurant, whimsically named BananaFish, has opened for business on the third floor. With an innovative pan-Pacific menu, a reasonable selection of New World wines and beers, and very affordable prices, BananaFish is set to become a Sanlitun staple.

  • Wall to wall luxury at exclusive getaway

    2010-08-25 08:49

    Are you tired of being part of the madding crowd when visiting the Great Wall? Do you dream of seeing it in a quiet and private way, just a short stroll from your luxury accommodation? Well, so you can.

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