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  • Thousands to be evacuated for lunar probe launch

    2010-09-29 10:23

    China's second lunar probe, the Chang'e-2, is set to blast off from Xichang, on or around National Day. As a safety precaution, more than 2,000 residents within 2.5 kilometers of the launch pad will be evacuated hours before lift-off, media reports said.

  • Moon surface map unveiled

    2008-11-12 16:37

    China published the country's first full map of the moon surface on Wednesday, about a year after its first lunar probe -- Chang'e I -- was launched.

  • Scientists make breakthroughs for lunar rover

    2008-04-24 11:55

    Shanghai scientists have made two key breakthroughs with homegrown technology in developing an unmanned lunar rover to probe the lunar surface and environment.

  • The dark side of the moon

    2007-12-11 13:49

    A picuture of the dark side of the moon, taken by China's lunar orbiter Chang'e I, is released by the China National Space Administration on December 11, 2007. []

  • Data from Chinese lunar orbiter available to all

    2007-12-03 10:03

    Scientists and astronomy enthusiasts all over the country all have access to data sent back from China's first lunar orbiter Chang'e-I, a leading scientist in the program said on Sunday.

  • China publishes first moon picture taken by chang'e I

    2007-11-26 10:03

    China publishes its first picture of the moon captured by Chang'e I, the country's first lunar probe, on Monday.

  • Lunar orbiter blasts off in Xichang

    2007-10-24 18:44

    China's first lunar orbiter, Chang'e I, blasts off in the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, at 6:05 pm October 24, 2007. [Xinhua]

  • Beijing Space Command and Control Center

    2007-10-24 19:55

  • Moon orbiter ignites people’s interest in astronomy

    2007-10-24 10:21

    A woman looks through a space telescope to get a clearer image of the moon at Hebei Science &Technology Square in North China's Hebei Province, October 23, 2007. China is expected to launch its first moon orbiter Chang'e I on October 24, 2007, which has sparked the nation's huge interest in astronomy.

  • Chang'e I lunar probe

    2007-10-24 14:22

    The graphics shows the internal structure of the moon.

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