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Yasuo Fukuda

Updated: 2012-03-30 18:04

Yasuo Fukuda, chairman of the board of directors of Boao Forum for Asia

Yasuo Fukuda

Yasuo Fukuda, former prime minister of Japan, was born in Takasaki, Gunma. He joined Maruzen Petroleum (now part of the Cosmo Oil Company) after graduation from Waseda University in 1959 March.

From December 1977 to December 1978, He was the Cabinet Decretary of Prime Minister. In 1979, he became the personal secretary of his father Takeo Fukuda, who was the Japanese Prime Minister.

From December 1979 to March 1991, he was a director of the Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs.

In 1990, he was first elected as House of Representatives.

From June 1992 to October 1999, he was served in the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee of the governing office.

In July 2000, he became vice President of Home Affairs investigating the Liberal Democratic Party, then he became the Secretary of State, Chief Cabinet Secretary in October the same year.

He was re-elected as Chief Cabinet Secretary in April 2001 and in September 2003.

In September 2007, he was elected as the 22nd president of the LDP.

He was then elected as the 91th Prime Minister of Japan in September 25th 2007 until September 2009 in plenary meeting of the House of Representatives.

Yasuo Fukuda was the eldest son of later Prime Minister of Japan, so it happened to be two generations of Prime Minister in Japan.