UN chief hopes to bring DPRK back to denuclearization

2009-05-15 11:46:25

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday called on the international community, especially participants of six-part talks on Korean Peninsula, to step up efforts to bring the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) back on the right track of denuclearization.

China, US agree to further promote six-party talks

2009-03-12 14:26:10

China and the United States on Wednesday agreed to make further efforts to promote the six-party talks on the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

China's new envoy to attend Moscow meeting of six-party talks

2009-02-12 21:28:15

China's newly-appointed ambassador in charge of affairs relating to the Korean Peninsula Yang Houlan will attend the third meeting of the six-party talks for peace and security in Northeast Asia in Moscow next week.

DPRK hails 'positive progress' in six-party nuclear talks

2008-12-12 22:49:46

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea said Friday that "positive progress" had been made at the six-party nuclear talks earlier this week, especially on implementing a disarmament-for-aid deal.

White House: US to 'rethink' strategy toward DPRK

2008-12-12 00:33:01

The White House said that it will "have to rethink" its strategy toward Pyongyang after the latest round of the six-party talks failed to break impasse over the verification of nuclear facilities in the DPRK.

Six parties remain divided on DPRK verification document

2008-12-11 00:02:48

Six parties involved in the Korean Peninsula nuclear talks ended a third day of negotiations without making any progress.

Delegations of Six-party Talks comment on China's draft proposal

2008-12-09 23:41:45

China on Tuesday distributed a draft proposal on how to verify the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) nuclear information.

Chinese and DPRK diplomats meet over six-party talks

2008-11-13 19:56:36

China on Thursday confirmed that its diplomats and diplomats from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) met to discuss how to move forward the six-party talks on the Korean Peninsular nuclear issue.

Chinese FM: Six-Party talks being coordinated

2008-10-16 23:10:32

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Thursday the date for the next round of six-party talks, regarding the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, is yet to be decided.

China voices commitment to further promote six-party talks

2008-10-13 21:04:22

China voiced its commitment to further promote the six-party talks here on Monday, calling on the concerned parties to implement the second phase action in a comprehensive and balanced way.

DPRK to resume disablement of nuclear facilities

2008-10-12 18:19:09

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will resume the disablement of nuclear facilities and permit the international inspectors to continue their works in Yongbyon, the official KCNA news quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying on Sunday.

Seoul says N.Korea restoring nuclear complex

2008-09-04 08:17:23

South Korea said Wednesday that North Korea had begun restoring its nuclear facilities. But the US played it down, saying the country apparently only moved some equipment out of storage.

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