IAEA: N.Korea shuts 5 nuclear facilities

2007-07-18 11:01:28

The UN nuclear watchdog on Wednesday said it had verified that North Korea had closed all five of its nuclear facilities. North Korea Nuclear Crisis

IAEA chief: N.Korea reactor shutdown to be smooth

2007-07-12 13:35:09

The head of the UN's atomic watchdog agency said Thursday he expects the shutdown of North Korea's nuclear reactor to go smoothly.

UN inspectors expected in N.Korea soon

2007-07-11 15:29:19

UN nuclear agency inspectors will return Saturday to North Korea to monitor the shutdown of its sole operating nuclear reactor, the agency head said Wednesday.

Seoul to send NK oil as reactor shutdown nears

2007-07-04 14:49:10

South Korea will start shipping oil to North Korea next week and the initial amount will be between 5,000 and 10,000 tons, an official said on Wednesday.

Seoul optimistic on N.Korea reactor

2007-06-27 17:04:42

UN inspectors visiting North Korea were given permission to visit DPRK's key nuclear reactor for the first time in nearly five years.

Team to head to N.Korea for reactor shutdown talks

2007-06-26 13:26:40

A UN nuclear watchdog team prepared to leave for N.Korea on Tuesday to negotiate terms for inspectors to confirm the shutdown of Pyongyang's nuclear reactor.

Seoul: North Korea fires missile

2007-06-19 22:33:59

North Korea fired a short-range missile toward waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, a South Korean intelligence official said Tuesday, amid signs of progress in ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

S.Korea optimistic on N.Korea disarmament

2007-05-16 13:35:57

South Korea expressed optimism Wednesday about resolving a financial dispute that has long stymied progress on North Korea's nuclear disarmament.

Denuclearization group meets in Beijing

2007-03-17 11:15:32

The six-party talks working group on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula began its first meeting Saturday morning in Beijing, focusing on specific measures of the denuclearization.

IAEA chief in Beijing before North Korea visit

2007-03-12 17:19:00

The UN's chief nuclear inspector played down expectations Monday that his trip to North Korea heralded North Korea's rapid disarmament, saying a build up of trust and confidence were needed first.

IAEA chief urges immediate talks on N.Korea

2006-12-05 16:19:33

UN atomic watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei has called for international talks on North Korea's nuclear program to restart immediately.

India urges N.Korea to give up nuclear arms

2006-12-05 13:37:36

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called on North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and denied any parallel to his own country, an atomic power that has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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