UN chief hopes to bring DPRK back to denuclearization

2009-05-15 11:46:25

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Thursday called on the international community, especially participants of six-part talks on Korean Peninsula, to step up efforts to bring the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) back on the right track of denuclearization.

New US envoy on DPRK heads to region

2009-03-03 14:31:28

The Obama Administration's new chief emissary on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Stephen Bosworth, is scheduled to arrive in China on Tuesday for initial discussions.

Chinese and DPRK diplomats meet over six-party talks

2008-11-13 19:56:36

China on Thursday confirmed that its diplomats and diplomats from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) met to discuss how to move forward the six-party talks on the Korean Peninsular nuclear issue.

DPRK to resume atom closure Tuesday

2008-10-14 09:53:09

DPRK on Monday restored UN monitors' access to its atom bomb complex and will resume disabling its nuclear reactor on Tuesday, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said, after a deal with Washington to save the process.

DPRK to resume disablement of nuclear facilities

2008-10-12 18:19:09

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will resume the disablement of nuclear facilities and permit the international inspectors to continue their works in Yongbyon, the official KCNA news quoted a foreign ministry spokesman as saying on Sunday.

China supports DPRK, US to maintain contact on nuclear issue

2008-10-07 23:20:09

China supported the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States keeping contact and deemed the U.S. chief nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill's DPRK visit as beneficial.

Seoul says N.Korea restoring nuclear complex

2008-09-04 08:17:23

South Korea said Wednesday that North Korea had begun restoring its nuclear facilities. But the US played it down, saying the country apparently only moved some equipment out of storage.

N.Korea says to suspend nuclear disablement

2008-08-26 16:18:55

North Korea said on Tuesday it has decided to suspend disabling its nuclear facilities and will consider restoring the Yongbyon nuclear reactor because the United States had violated a six-party disarmament deal.

China expects six-party foreign minister meeting to promote denuclearization

2008-07-24 22:24:02

China said on Thursday the informal meeting of foreign ministers of the six parties on the Korean nuclear issue was of great importance and hoped it to promote the denuclearization process.

A big step towards denuclearized Korean Peninsula

2008-06-27 15:29:05

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea blew up the cooling tower at the nuclear plant of its Yongbyon facility Friday afternoon, a symbolic and constructive move to show its commitment to a disarmament deal.

China to continue playing constructive role in Six-Party Talks

2008-06-18 19:36:41

Visiting Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping said here Wednesday that China will continue playing a constructive role in the Six-Party Talks on the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula.

Japan to loose sanctions against DPRK

2008-06-13 20:10:26

The Japanese government is to partially lift sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as the DPRK has shown positive stance on resolving the issue of past abduction of Japanese nationals

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