Olmert, Abbas meet in Jerusalem

2007-08-28 20:43:30

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held talks on Tuesday to prepare for a US-sponsored Middle East conference.

Israeli airstrike on Gaza's airport

2007-08-10 09:25:47

An Israel helicopter fired three missiles at the disused control tower at Gaza's defunct airport Tuesday, Hamas officials said, adding that there were no casualties.
The Israeli military said

Iraqi political crisis grows

2007-08-07 10:09:57

Iraq's political crisis worsened Monday as five more ministers announced a boycott of Cabinet meetings - leaving the embattled prime minister's unity government with no members affiliated with Sunni political factions.

Israeli textbook offers Palestinian view

2007-07-23 10:01:03

Israel's Education Ministry said Sunday it was offering a new textbook for Arab third-graders acknowledging for the first time that the creation of the Jewish state was a tragedy for Palestinians.

Bush calls Mideast peace conference

2007-07-17 08:32:12

Bush said he would call Israel, the Palestinians and others in the region to a peace conference aimed at restarting talks and moving faster toward a Palestinian state.

Arab League plans first Israel mission

2007-07-09 08:48:44

The 22-country Arab League will send envoys on a historic first mission to Israel this week to discuss a sweeping Arab peace initiative.

Olmert promises to release 250 prisoners

2007-06-26 10:56:06

Israel's prime minister promised Monday to free 250 Palestinian prisoners and promised to improve life in the West Bank.

Israel releases Palestinian funds

2007-06-25 08:48:50

Israel agreed to release funds to Palestinian President Abbas, a day before the moderate leader planned to meet the heads of Egypt, Israel and Jordan in a summit.

Bush and Olmert seek to prop up Abbas

2007-06-20 08:36:13

Bush and Olmert sided emphatically Tuesday with Abbas, hoping extra money would give him primacy over the Islamic militant Hamas in the newly divided Palestinian territories.

Olmert: Israel will work with Abbas

2007-06-18 11:08:36

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that his country would be a "genuine partner" of a new Palestinian government and promised to consider releasing hundreds of millions of dollars in frozen tax funds.

Ahmadinejad says destruction of Israel is close

2007-06-03 19:20:35

Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday said the world would witness the destruction of Israel soon, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

Hamas wounds four Israeli soldiers in mortar attack

2007-06-03 17:20:00

Hamas militants wounded four soldiers in a mortar attack on a base near the Gaza Strip on June 3, shortly after Israel's prime minister vowed to press ahead with military operations against Palestinian gunmen.

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