Dutch troops abused Iraqi prisoners in 2003

2006-11-17 16:02:25

Dutch military interrogators abused dozens of Iraqi prisoners in 2003, dousing them with water to keep them awake and exposing them to high pitched noises and strong lights, a Dutch newspaper reported Friday.

International lawyers file suit against Rumsfeld

2006-11-15 09:20:52

An international grouping of lawyers filed a lawsuit against outgoing US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for allegedly sanctioning torture.

Army dog handler convicted of Abu Ghraib abuse

2006-06-02 08:48:47

A military jury on Thursday convicted an Army dog handler of using his animal to torment a prisoner at Abu Ghraib.

Army dog handler gets six months in prison

2006-03-23 09:12:01

An Army dog handler was sentenced Wednesday to six months behind bars for using his snarling canine to torment prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Report cites U.S. abuse of Iraqi detainees

2006-03-20 17:06:23

U.S. military unit turned one of Saddam Hussein's torture chambers into their own interrogation cell, beating prisoners with rifle butts and using them for targets.

New photos of Abu Ghraib abuse surface

2006-02-16 08:27:10

A TV frame grab shows an image made available by Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) on February 15, 2006, of what the broadcaster says is a detainee being abused in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison taken in 2003. [Reuters]

Rights group says Iraq torture continues

2006-03-06 09:45:35

Detainees in Iraq are still being tortured receiving electric shocks and beatings with plastic cables despite US promises to prevent such abuse after the Abu Ghraib scandal, a report by an international rights group said Monday.