Thousands march in Baghdad against US pact

2008-10-18 17:28:21

Thousands of followers of anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took to the streets on Saturday in a demonstration against a pact that would allow US forces to stay in Iraq for three more years.

Iraq to open Saddam abuse museum at Abu Ghraib

2008-09-05 09:22:38

The notorious Abu Ghraib prison is getting a facelift: work to reopen the facility and construct a museum documenting Saddam Hussein's crimes -- but not the abuses committed there by US guards.

Iraqis: Deal close for US troops to leave

2008-08-08 00:49:24

US and Iraq are close to a deal under which all American combat troops would leave by October 2010 with remaining forces gone about three years later.

Filthy Iraqi drinking water raises cholera fears

2008-08-02 16:58:56

Just months after Americans repaired a sewage treatment plant in southern Baghdad, insurgents attacked the facility and killed the manager. Looters took care of the rest.

Iraq's Sunni Arab bloc rejoins government

2008-07-19 18:05:25

Iraq's main Sunni Arab bloc rejoined the Shi'ite-led government on Saturday in a breakthrough for national reconciliation after parliament approved its candidates for several vacant ministerial posts.

Iran, Iraq on agenda for Bush-Brown talks

2008-06-16 19:34:35

President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will present a united front against Iran's nuclear ambitions Monday and seek to dispel media suggestions of a rift over troop levels in Iraq.

Gates: Iraq drawdown may be delayed

2008-02-11 19:52:53

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday endorsed, for the first time, the idea of pausing the drawdown of US forces from Iraq this summer.

Iraq lets Baathists go back to work

2008-01-13 10:24:22

Iraq's parliament voted on Saturday to let thousands of members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party return to government jobs.

151,000 Iraqis killed since invasion: WHO

2008-01-10 09:38:25

About 151,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in the three years following the US-led invasion of their country.

Iraq on alert for Saddam anniversary

2007-12-30 20:21:41

Iraqi security forces were on high alert Sunday around Baghdad and in the Sunni heartland north of the capital as the country marked the one-year anniversary of Saddam Hussein's execution.

Iraq says no one can stop Kurdish rebels

2007-11-03 17:29:27

Iraq warned that no one can stop Kurdish rebels in Iraq's remote northern border region from attacking Turkey.

Iraq, Afghanistan wars may cost $2.4T over decade

2007-10-25 06:47:46

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost as much as $2.4 trillion through the next decade, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

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