Lives in chaos in Iraq

2007-08-01 09:36:42

A boy drinks water from a hose in a slum neighbourhood in Baghdad's Sadr City July 31, 2007. About 30 poor families make a living by gathering junk at the dumpsite there. [Reuters]

Bombing near Shiite shrine kills 14

2007-06-28 11:13:58

America's No. 2 diplomat in Iraq predicted progress by fall on bringing together Iraq's feuding factions as violence claimed more lives Wednesday.

Escalating Violence in Iraq

2007-06-07 17:14:41

Iraqi residents walk past a destroyed house in Baghdad June 3, 2007. Dozens of residents became homeless after Tuesday's bomb attack in a market in Baghdad's Amil district which killed 19 people and wounded 71 others. [Reuters]

Death squad leaders seized in Baghdad

2007-02-28 08:38:14

US-led forces seized suspected death squad bosses in raids that tested the fragile bonds between the government and a militia faction.

Sunnis blast hanging of 2 Saddam aides

2007-01-16 08:37:44

People pray beside the coffins of Saddam's half brother and former intelligence chief, who were executed Monday in Baghdad Jan. 15, 2007. [AP]

Saddam Hussein hanged

2006-12-30 08:51:48

Saddam Hussein hanged

2006-12-30 08:51:48

Parents of slain soldiers visit Iraq

2006-12-26 17:03:42

After her son Justin was killed serving in Iraq, a grieving Jan Johnson resolved to see the place where he died and to better understand why it happened.

US F-16 fighter down in Falluja

2006-11-28 10:24:05

A resident from the village of Al Jasan steps on the wing of a U.S. F-16 fighter that crashed on a combat mission, about 15 km (9 miles) north of Falluja November 27, 2006. [Reuters]

Iraqis call for end to sectarian killing

2006-11-27 15:35:14

Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish leaders called for an end to sectarian conflict and vowed to track down those responsible for the deadliest attack.

Iran touts own Iraq summit ahead of US

2006-11-23 10:13:01

Iran on Wednesday touted its weekend summit with the Iraqi and Syrian presidents, moving to secure a larger role in the region.

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