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Thailand's Political Crisis

Updated: 2010-05-17 18:01
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The clashes between the troops and red-shirt protesters have claimed 37 lives in Bangkok over the past four days. On Monday, Thai leaders rejected protesters' demands and the military defended its crackdown policy. At the same day, an anti-government red-shirt leader died of shooting wound in hospital. It seems that Thailand now is in a crucial state...[Timeline of Thailand's Crisis]


Thailand's Political Crisis
 Anti-government protest

Thailand's Political Crisis
 Bomb blasts kill 5 in Bangkok

Thailand's Political Crisis
 Nurses' demonstration

Thailand's Political Crisis
 One soldier dies in clashes

Thailand's Political Crisis
 Red shirts ready for talks

Thailand's Political Crisis
 Thaksin urges to end crisis

The latest development of Thai situation:

Thailand's Political Crisis

Thai PM: No early elections until violence ends: Thailand's leader said Sunday that new elections can be considered only after violence and protests by anti-government activists end completely...[Full Story]

Thailand's Political CrisisRed-shirts return home as army completes clearing:
The Center for Resolution of Emergency Situation on Friday morning announced security forces have already completed clearing streets around the Rajprasong Intersection, CRES spokesman addressed the nation in a television program...[Full Story]

Thailand's Political Crisis

Thai Red Shirt offers ceasefire as deadline passes:

The Thai government said Monday it would accept a ceasefire offer from a "Red Shirt" protest leader if their fighters end raging street battles and return to their main camp in central Bangkok...[Full Story]

Thailand's Political Crisis

Khattiya Sawasdipol, chief military adviser to anti-government red-shirt protesters died at 09:20 a.m local time on Monday, Thai News Agency reported, citing emergency service...[Full Story]

Thailand's Political Crisis

Anti-government unrest boiling over in downtown Bangkok spread to other areas of the capital and Thailand Sunday as the military defended its use of force in a crackdown that has left 37 people dead in four days. Thai leaders flatly rejected protesters' demands that the United Nations intercede to end the chaos...[Full Story]

Thailand's Political Crisis

March 12: "Red Shirt" protesters, calling themselves "have-nots" and "commoners," gather in Bangkok in bid to drive out Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva

April 7:
Government declares state of emergency in Bangkok area.

April 10:
Military, police move to oust protesters from their camp in a historic area of Bangkok...[Timeline of Thailand's Political Crisis]

Two Opponent Groups in Thailand

Red Shirt: Thaksin Shinawatra, Former PM

Thailand's Political Crisis

Thaksin Shinawatra, was removed from office during a military coup when he was attending the United Nations meeting in New York in September 2006. His supporters, mostly from rural areas and working class electorates...

Protest in Bangkok calls for Thai PM to step down

Thaksin urges snap poll to end Thai crisis

"Red shirt" protest comes apart

Thai red shirts gather after botched arrests

Thai election body turns up heat with pressure to dissolve the ruling party

Thai protesters pledge to fight on

Troops crack down as protests escalate

Yellow Shirt: Abhisit Vejjajiva,Sitting PM

Thailand's Political CrisisAbhisit Vejjajiva assumed office as Thai Prime Minister on December 17, 2008 and was supported by the middle class, royal and military groups... 

Thailand 'yellow shirts' call for end to anarchy

Yellow-shirt group to ask Thai PM to act against 'red-shirts'

The PAD group staged rally against ousted former Thaksin and Cambodian PM Hun Sen

Thailand government declares emergency in capital

Thai "yellow-shirts" seeks to register as political party

Thai PM meets foes on live television encounter

Thai leader survives dawn shooting