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Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

Updated: 2010-05-13 17:12
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Response and efforts:

Mexico begins oil spill probe in Gulf of Mexico

Mexico has launched an investigation into the Gulf of Mexico oil spill for any possible effects on the nation, said the environment minister on May 12, 2010. [Full story]
NASA deploys research aircraft to assess oil spill

NASA has commissioned its instrumented research aircraft, the Earth Resources-2 (ER-2), to the Gulf of Mexico to help assess the spread and impact of the current massive oil spill, it was announced on May 11, 2010. [Full story]

100-ton box lowered in US Gulf to battle oil spill

A mission to the bottom of the sea to try to avert a wider environmental disaster began as crews eased a 100-ton concrete-and-steel box a mile (1.6 kilometers) deep in an unprecedented attempt to capture gushing oil from a blown-out well on the Gulf floor. [Full story]

Huge US oil spill drifts west; BP mulls options

BP Plc engineers desperately explored options on May 9 to control oil gushing from a ruptured well deep under the Gulf of Mexico after a setback with a huge undersea containment dome fueled fears of a prolonged and growing environmental disaster.
[Full story] 

BP works feverishly for Gulf oil leak solution 

Energy giant BP Plc indicated some progress on May 3 toward capping the underwater well that ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico almost two weeks ago, pushing a giant oil slick toward the US Gulf Coast. [Full story]

Obama reassures as oil slick nears US coast
US President Barack Obama is trying to reassure fishermen and others on the US Gulf Coast that the government is doing all it can as masses of oil from a pipeline rupture endanger fisheries, oyster beds and beaches. [Full story]

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Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concernFlorida fears for 'world's whitest beaches'

"World's Whitest Beaches." So reads the sign, topped with a leaping Marlin, that greets motorists along US Highway 98 as they drive into Pensacola Beach in northwest Florida.

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

Big oil gets more grilling on US spill

Top oil executives faced a second day of grilling by US lawmakers on Wednesday over a deadly well rupture that unleashed a huge oil slick and the specter of environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

Execs grilled on oil spill 'cascade of failures'   

Congress called BP and its drilling partners to account on Tuesday for a "cascade of failures" behind the spreading Gulf oil spill.

Environmental impacts:

Dead dolphins wash up on coast; oil's role unclear

Federal wildlife officials are treating the deaths of six dolphins on the Gulf Coast as oil-related even though other factors may be to blame. [Full story]

Environmental group warns of health risk from US oil spill

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may pose risks to public health, the US Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) warned on May 8, 2010. 
[Full story] 

Economic impact:

Oil spill grows to 3.5M gallons as BP scrambles

A growing collection of crippled equipment littered the ocean floor on May 10 near a ruptured oil well gushing crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the remnants of a massive rig that exploded weeks ago and the failed efforts since to cap the leak. [Full story]

Gulf spill will 'forever' change drilling-BP exec

The explosion and sinking of a BP Plc oil rig and subsequent massive oil spill will "forever" change the offshore drilling industry, a top executive with the London-based oil giant said on May 6, 2010. [Full story]

Fishing closed as oil spill's impact measured in billions

US officials closed commercial and recreational fishing in a large swathe of waters hit by the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said late on May 2, 2010. [Full story]

Slides and photos:

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern
US oil spill raises shipping fear  

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

Various efforts to deal with oil disaster 

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

US oil spill threatens wildlife 

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

US shields coastline with oil containment boom 

Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico big concern

Gulf of Mexico oil clean-up continues