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  • Beijing unveils official reception hotels for Olympics

    2007-12-30 19:10

    Beijing Olympic organizers have unveiled  132 official reception hotels for next year's Games.

  • Beijing to set up cultural squares for Olympic

    2007-12-22 22:03

    The organizers of the Beijing Olympics plan to set up 26 cultural squares next August across the city where local citizen and visitors can enjoy the greatest sporting event on Earth.

  • China surprises world in rowing

    2007-08-12 10:53

    China surprised the world in two of the "Good Luck Beijing" test events for next year's Olympic Games as they won six gold medals in the world rowing junior championships.

  • Reviving the Olympic spirit 75 years later

    2007-04-27 19:14

    Liu Changchun was the first Chinese to participate in the Olympics, inspiring many to follow in his footsteps.

  • Stop the F word in Games

    2007-03-14 11:00

    "The typical Beijing cursing on the court made me embarrassed," said Liu Jingmin, Beijing Vice Mayor.

  • 40% people to practice sports regularly in 2010

    2007-02-15 17:35

    Xu Chuan, vice-director of the State General Administration of Sports (GAS) mass sports office hopes to see 40 percent of the population exercising regularly by 2010.

  • Beijing to ensure safe Olympics

    2006-12-06 09:45

    Beijing is tightening control on the storage and safe handling of guns, ammunition, explosives and radioactive materials in a bid to secure a safe Olympics in 2008.

  • No room for Australia in Asia

    2006-12-06 09:55

    Australia should not be admitted to the Asian Games because it would be unfair on the other countries in Oceania, Asia's Olympic chief said.

  • Accurate weather service for 2008

    2006-12-05 07:37

    Three "weather sentinels" in space will ensure accurate meteorological service for the 2008 Olympic Games, officials said yesterday.

  • Air China features Olympic mascots

    2006-11-14 10:53

    China's flag carrier Air China announced in Beijing on Monday that it has added one more Olympic themed airplane to its fleet.

  • Sweep snow or face fines, Beijingers told

    2006-11-14 10:47

    Beijing authorities have set strict deadlines for residents and organizations to clear snow from outside their buildings this winter -- despite the mercury still hovering at 15 degrees Celsius.

  • San Fransico withdraws 2016 olympic bid

    2006-11-14 08:44

    The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) announced on Monday that San Fransisco has withdrawn its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

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