Opinion / Xin Zhiming

Xin Zhiming

Xin Zhiming is a senior writer with China Daily.


Weigh pros and cons before randomly using AI technology

[2017-06-30 07:12]

AI can raise productivity and expand GDP, but it can also render non-adaptive workers jobless.

Shared bikes perfect example of win-win mode of transport

[2017-04-13 07:04]

The booming bike-sharing services have also bailed a lot of bicycle-making companies out of financial trouble as orders for new bikes have increased rapidly.

Policy consistency could stabilize property market

[2017-03-31 07:10]

The authorities in a number of northern and eastern cities, such as Beijing, Hangzhou and Xiamen, have rolled out stricter measures to dampen property purchases and cool the real estate market.

Balance financial reform and stability

[2017-01-06 07:39]

Chinese people find it more complicated to convert the yuan into the dollar, although the $50,000 annual quota of foreign currency a person can purchase (or exchange) remains unchanged.

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