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Is it difficult for well-educated women to find a partner?

( Updated: 2016-03-11 10:40

Editor's note: Researchers have shown that better educated women are more likely to be single in China. Women with a doctoral degree, nicknamed "the third gender", often find it difficult to get a partner. Does higher education dim marriage prospects for women? Forum readers share their opinions. You are welcome to leave your comments.

Women should hold "reasonable" expectations.

Sunnyin01 (China)

Yes. I have several female friends who are single and in their 30s and have completely unreasonable expectations: Handsome, wealthy, tall, etc. Nothing gets mentioned about a man being kind, funny, generous or interesting. It will simply depend on how high they set their standards. If they set them too high then it's perfectly conceivable that they'll end up being single for the rest of their lives. If they have more realistic expectations, this almost certainly won't happen.

Is it difficult for well-educated women to find a partner?

Single men and women participate in a match-making event in China.[Photo/IC]

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