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Travel around Yunnan in four days

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Updated: 2015-07-07

Mixing oriental culture with contemporary recreational opportunities, Dali, Lijiang and Lugu Lake offer the best LOHAS (Lifestyles of health and sustainability) lifestyle in Yunnan. Visitors can have an afternoon tea in Lijiang old town, watch Mosuo traditional dance shows at Lugu Lake, have a walk on the terraces, relax by a quiet lake, have a taste of the local cuisine or buy some souvenirs in the old street.

If you are thinking about a visit to Yunnan, here's a basic four-day trip plan you might consider.

Day 1: Kunming-Dali

Generally, travellers need to change their train or plane in Kunming since there are not a lot of direct train or air services from other cities to Dali. It takes about six to seven hours from Kunming to Dali by train.

Day 2: Dali

The city offers quiet and peaceful scenery, presenting a fascinating mix of ancient Bai culture with the beautiful Erhai Lake. Dali, a backpacker's heaven, is now also one of the most popular places in which to relax and enjoy a quiet holiday. Some of the travellers choose Dali to be close to the minority cultures while it is also a good choice to be away from fast-paced living.

Xizhou Ethnic Minority Village is a special place to visit in Dali. A lot of houses in this village are typical of the traditional Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) architectural style.

Day 3: Dali-Lijiang

It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from Dali to Lijiang, where travellers can choose to stay in a traditional inn around the Old Town of Lijiang. The inns there are cheaper and quieter than those in the center. Lijiang offers a magical mixture of traditional culture and a modern leisurely life, and you can easily find a western bar in a traditionally decorated building there.

Also, night fairs with Lijiang local snacks can be found near the Old Town. They are mostly owned by the local residents, so it is a good chance to try out the local cuisine.

Day 4: Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake, with its famed Plateau Pearl, is one of the deepest fresh water lakes in China. It is a good place from which to hire a boat and watch the sunrise from the lake. In the afternoon, travelers can ride a bike around the Lake. For dinner, they can try out the local traditional roast pork.



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