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Tianjin holds public welfare event
| Updated: 2017-11-30 17:22:15 | (exploringtianjin.com) |

The third Tianjin public welfare award ceremony and an exhibition of public welfare stories was recently held in Tianjin Auditorium.

Six display panels in the auditorium and a documentary showed the achievements of public welfare in Tianjin over the previous five months.

In the exhibition, ten stars for public welfare were awarded.

Tianjin holds public welfare event

Ten stars for public welfare in Tianjin [Photo provided to exploringtianjin.com]

Tianjin holds public welfare event

Representatives from all walks of life attend the exhibition of public welfare stories. [Photo provided to exploringtianjin.com]

This year's event had five main highlights.

It held 19 performances to celebrate the 19th CPC National Congress;it confirmed Tianjin's insistence on applying its poverty alleviation policy in rural areas;Tianjin launched a number of public welfare benefit fitness activities; Tianjin has identified examples from all walks of life;Tianjin has strengthened public welfare communication and publicity to create a positive social energy.

The Tianjin public welfare event has been held for three consecutive years. It seeks public welfare in every place through an enriched range of activities and expands public welfare horizons through network technologies.

Tianjin's public welfare is always on the road.


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