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Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital

Address: No.133, Jianhua South Street, Shijiazhuang (050031)

How to get: Take Bus No.32, 55, 43, 51, 65, 73, 116 and get off at the stop of Children's Hospital

First aid tel No.: 0311-5911120 Office

Tel: 0311-85911234

Children's Hospital of Hebei Province, founded in 1989, is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei province, covering an area of 48,245 square meters and a construction area of 68,750 square meters.

The hospital has 670 prepared beds, picks about 360,000 patients every year, and 18,000 patients were in hospital every year. The number of existing staff are 865, including 162 senior professional doctors and 139 intermediate technical doctors, and also 13 tutors of master students.

The hospital is affiliated to the Hebei Health Bureau. It is a first-class comprehensive hospital of scientific research, medical treatment, teaching, health care and rehabilitation, first aid. It is also the teaching hospital of Hebei medical university, the people trust hospital in Hebei Province, the national children love hospital, one of 100 best hodpital in Hebei.

The hospital focuses on to strengthen the international communication and cooperation on technical exchanges. In China, it set up friendly relationships with the Beijing children's hospital, Beijing Fuwai hospital, Shanghai children's medical center and so on. In international aspect, it also communicates with the medical institutions from United States, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Australia and other countries to promote medical diagnosis and treatment level.



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