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100 media elites begin 'red tour' in Xibaipo

A team composed of 100 young journalists and editors from the China's central media groups assembled in Xibaipo town, Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang city in North China's Hebei province to start their week-long internal-party educational trip on Monday.

The trip, initiated by the Central Propaganda department and office of "Three Learning Educations," named "Roots finding in Xibaipo," is aimed at deepening their understanding of the theoretical system of socialism in China, the professional ethic and spirit as well as sense of responsibility as part of the media.

The elite journalists' itinerary includes listening to reports delivered by officials of Pingshan on the county's rapid economic development in past decades, visiting the county's historical cultural relics, watching documentary films on the evolution of the Party's media industry as well as staying with local villagers, in a bid to experience and learn about the hardship of past and the stoic spirit of the liberation army before the founding of new China.

"We hope by providing the youth media talent with patriotic lectures, historical revolutionary site visits and real life experience with the locals, they will get a better understanding of Xibaipo (Pingshan), which is not only a revolutionary site that is of great significance in China's history, but also a fast-growing county with the support of the central government," Wang Junying, secretary of Pingshan county committee, said in his morning speech.

Wang also expressed the wish that the youth media elites make good use of the trip, to make Xibaipo, Pingshan, better known to the outside world.

"Hopefully they can help promote the image of Pingshan, showing others how it has changed in recent decades."

Xibaipo is a small mountain village located in Pingshan county, about 90 kilometers from Hebei's capital Shijiazhuang city. It is known as the last commanding headquarters of the CPC from 1948 to 1949 before they moved to Beijing and led the liberation of the whole nation. Now Xibaipo has become a renowned "red tourism" attraction.

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