Public art becoming more diverse, a report says

By Lin Qi ( ) Updated: 2016-09-26 10:25:47

The past three decades have witnessed increased urbanization in China, as well as the installation of more public art works on the streets and in the parks.

Beijing-based China National Academy of Painting released on Thursday a China Public Art Annual 2015 to review the booming scene of public art across the country, featuring artists whose creations shape cities' skyline last year.

The report shows that in some cities, the artworks have become diverse other than sculptures and frescoes which were the only forms when public art emerged in China; and they engage more citizens by appearing in communities.

It also notes that a lot of crude copies of well-known public artworks abroad or ugly works that do not fit the cityscape.

The academy hopes the annual cannot only promote a wider discussion about the decision-making process of public art, also it can help to establish a networking to connect artists, researchers, city administrators and mostly important, citizens.


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