New experiments with the ink

By Lin Qi ( ) Updated: 2016-09-01 15:22:56

New experiments with the ink

A painting by Chen Jun. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Chinese ink art as a time-honored tradition has been changing since it was born. It transformation became even radical at the dawn of the 20th century along with the introduction of Western art. Today, ink art is deeply incorporated into the field of contemporary art as artists are making experimental attempts.

In Ink, an exhibition to be unveiled at Royal College of Art Gallery in London, glimpses into the diversity of a younger generation of Chinese artists who work with the medium of ink. Their approaches are more personal and avant-garde to reveal the spirit of their generation, with unrestrained will.

Featured artists include Yan Hualing, Hang Chunhui and Peng Jian.

The exhibition will run from Sept 7 to 13.


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New experiments with the ink

A painting by Xu Hualing. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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