Liu Zhenyun's hit novel adapted for the big screen

( CRI ) Updated: 2016-08-30 15:05:06

Liu Zhenyun's hit novel adapted for the big screen

Director Liu Yulin (left) and her father and writer Liu Zhenyun. [Photo/CRI]

Veteran Chinese writer Liu Zhenyun's novel A Sentence is Worth Thousands or Yi Ju Ding Yi Wan Ju (一句顶一万句) in Chinese, has recently been adapted for the big screen.

The new film called Someone to Talk to is scheduled to hit theaters on November 11, the Singles' Day.

The director of the film is the writer's daughter Liu Yulin.

"The film is adapted on the basis of the latter half of the novel. It follows two ordinary people who encounter numerous hardships in their constant search for someone to talk to. They look long and hard to find the right person. Also these two people look very peaceful despite their tumultuous inner world."

Liu Zhenyun's novel A Sentence is Worth Thousands was published in 2009. According to the writer, its main theme is the loneliness of a society sans religion, and the complex interpersonal relationships in Chinese society that make it harder for people to confide in.

The big screen adaptation has realistic, educational purpose as Liu Zhenyun explains.

"Sometimes, a woman and her husband have been married for years and it seems the couple is going through some challenges, like infidelity. To avoid this situation happening, Someone to Talk to is the best textbook."

And according to director Liu Yulin, they've chosen the date for release on November 11, the Singles' Day out of a special consideration.

"This film is about loneliness in people's inner world. It targets those single friends, divorced people as well as those who feel the disconnection from their spouse has gradually increased over the years."

Popular Chinese actress Li Qian, Liu Bei and skit and sitcom and film actor Fan Wei will costar in the movie. Supporting roles include actress Sun Qian, Qi Xi and actor Yu Entai.

Sun Qian was one of the leads in hit TV series The Legend of Zhen Huan.


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