What pictures can tell about father and son

By Ruan Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-06-19 08:53:31

What pictures can tell about father and son

Father and son, France. [Photo provided to]

What is a father? What is a son? What bond links them? Blood? Love? Legacy? Inheritance?

Having photographed fathers, 30 to 80 years old, standing up, bare-chested, with their sons, whether months-old or already in their fifties, French photographer Grégoire Korganow looks for the answers in his photo project: Father and Son.

During his residency in Chongqing and Beijing, where he took a series of portraits of Chinese fathers and sons, Korganow shows the unknown side of the country – which the photographer says is quite different from what he saw of Chinese residing in France.

During his stay in Beijing, Korganow gave an exclusive interview to China Daily website, in the interview, he explained how he arrived at the idea of the photography project and some intimate moments he shared with his subjects.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

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