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Egg carving master challenges Guinness World Record

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-02-19 09:10 Comments

Egg carving master challenges Guinness World Record

Egg craftswork by Kong Bin. [Photo/IC]

"Beating the Guinness World Record in egg carving is nothing difficult for me, I've managed to bore more than 7,665 holes in an egg, which is the current record," said Kong Bin, a craftsman from Linfen city in Central China's Shanxi province.

The artist said he has been in love with carving since he was a child, and that creating such delicate art gives him great pleasure.

To produce such art, a complicated set of procedures have to be followed: choosing the right egg, extracting the yolk, removing the membrane inside the egg as well as sterilizing and bleaching.

Kong hopes to apply for intangible cultural heritage status to pass on the traditional art.

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