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China's urban development captured on film

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-10-19 14:38 Comments

China's urban development captured on film

This photo is from photographer Li Yong's Walking series. Li's landscape is inspired by the Three Gorges Project. Li began taking pictures of people living in Yichang city and the Three Gorges area in 1995. Walking from urban cities to rural areas, he recorded their authentic situations in a very plain and classic documentary approach. [Photo by Li Yong/photoint.net]

My Cities, a photographic exhibition organized by photographer Li Ming for the 2015 Pingyao International Photography Festival, features select works from several Chinese photographers to show rapid urbanization and social changes in China.

The photographers have captured different images of various real-life conditions in current urban development, from which they tell the stories of their own cities.

Through the photography, we are able to see the very existence of ourselves in the huge trend of urbanization in China.

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